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Hi Jokerette, and welcome!

I've never had to deal with asthma at all.

Here is what I would do - if I were faced with this.

First, understand that there are specialized self-help online groups for almost every feline health condition. Many have been operating for years and have built up an enormous collective store of information about these conditions. That collective knowledge and experience far outweighs that of anyone's own veterinarian. These people are usually on the leading edge of new therapies, approaches etc.

So, were I in your position, I would present my question to "them".

There are two such groups of which I'm aware that focus on asthma: since 1999, 3500+ members, a very busy group home website:

I just pulled up the second one - there's been no activity (messages) there since January. It was always a less busy group (that has its own benefits) - I'll give you the link anyway - there are some resources on that page.

These groups use a different format from forums like this one and you're given choices for message delivery. I've found it helpful to use a separate email address (create a new one with Yahoo, Gmail etc) as the volume of messages can be overwhelming.

Hope some of this does help.

I just noticed that you said "surgeon". Would that be a specialist?

If you happen to live within travelling distance of a Veterinary College (most have small animal hospitals onsite), that might provide another resource for you.
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