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puppy nipping legs

I'm new to this forum - just registered. I need help! We live on an acreage in the Kootenay Region of southern BC. We have a 11 week old Gold Retriever, Jeanie.
Jeanie is everything we expected a bit more. No other problems except the biting and nipping legs. I've got to the point where I don't want to take her for a walk. We've tried so many methods as we know we have to stop this behaviour asap!
I've tried a whistle, a sharp yelp, ignoring, a distraction toy (on a hand held loop), etc. I've tried turning on her sharply, pushing her into a sit position and telling her "Bad" etc. You name it - I think we've tried it.
We know she needs a lot of exercise. She gets 3 walks a day plus lots of fetch and retrieve games. (I've lost 3 lbs!!!).
We hope for soe improvement. My question - should I stick to one method in hopes that consistency will help? I teach discipline classes for school teachers (positive reinforcement techniques... - you'd think I'd know what to do wih this little pup.)
Any help is much appreciated.
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