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Originally Posted by millitntanimist View Post
There is no such field as animal psychology, we have ethology and behaviorism.
Calling an animal dominant or submissive is subjective because it is assuming psychology. Saying that an animal displays dominant or submissive behavior is both more correct and assumes nothing about the animal's personality.

I'm having a hard time accepting your argument that my information is more subjective when yours is anecdotal.
If you have any resources or studies of your own that directly refute the validity of my sources, by all means post them. I would be happy to read them. But we're not going to get much farther than this if your counter-argument to my information is to attack the credibility of my source material without proof. You can't just say a source is biased and dismiss it, first you have to prove the bias.
I have to thank you for the information that you provided here I found it very interesting. I have several Dog Trainers in my circle of friends and they all have their own opinions on aggressive/dominant dogs. I like to hear all sides and then choose what feels right for me. Not sure if this really relates to your topic but my
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