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10 yr old cat with compound fracture needs surgery

Took her to the surgeon today. The xrays showed compound fracture of right front leg: he said the bones were so small he wouldn't really know what to do until he was in there (pin, grafted bone, etc.)

They did a chest scan to be sure her lungs were OK for surgery - but abnormality was found: a little abnormal, I was told, nothing obvious. He said it wasn't his specialty, but it could be asthma (or worse, of course.)

She's had a little cough for a couple of years, we were told it was allergies.

IF she does have asthma, what are the dangers of operating on her? He did specify "A little abnormal." Over the weekend, this surgeon is consulting someone else, but I'd like to be somewhat informed by Monday.

Anyone have any ideas? Thank you so much.
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