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Dissolve Herbal Formula

My dog had a huge lipoma removed from his abdomen less than a year ago. And he has since switched to grain free kibbles. However, we discovered more lumps at his underarm area recently. Our vet took some test and diagnosed as fat lumps. He suggests not to do any surgery unless it bothers his activities.
We visited the vet 2 weeks ago for a slight limping but our vet thought it was rather an injury than caused by the lumps. He put him on Metacam (anti-inflammatory) for 2 weeks. If he doesn't improve and needs X-ray, we will operate on the lumps at the same time.
To make the story short, he is not limping at the moment so the operation could be delayed for a while. I came across this product, Dissolve Herbal Formula, claims it will help lipoma. Did any of you tried this before? The product's web says it needs a few months to work. I would like to hear from those who has using this long term.
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