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I like to give cats a stuffy toy to wrestle with and chew on. That behaviour is normal for a kitten but usually he would have litter mates to tell him when he is too rough. A stuffy about his own size is ideal. Encourage him on it.

Poor little guy. The suckling is normal too. My 10 month old feral is doing it when he cuddles with me. As long as he does not ruin my clothes or eat wool I don't care. I really don't encourage it though.

Lots of toys for distraction, one at a time, and he will use up his energy pretty quickly. At that age they are whirling dervishes for a few minutes and then crash and burn. Well, crash and sleep. One of ours would literally fall over mid leap in the air, asleep. Gave heart failure the first time he did that. He was orange too. My second favourite colour.

Bitter apple on the cords worked for us. Vinegar might work.

Oh, a doggy playmate was good for ours but the dog, I found, will allow much stronger biting and play than I would so I'm not sure how much of a good thing that is.

He is a sweetie pie. He might be a wee tiny bit older than 5 weeks, maybe 6, but hard to tell from that photo.
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