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I know what your going through. Here is some advice I would like to pass on to you; Your instincts are right it is not fair to crate large animals for long periods of time. Personally we transformed a portion of the basement into a kennel. I used chain link fence supplies on a wooden base. Its about 8x10ft and tall enough to keep a doberman pinscer secure. Keep in mind also that you have puppies. Dogs shouldn't be left out on their own until they have not had an accident in the house for 2 or more months (this period may vary w/ opinion). Working dogs are notorious for deystroying things. This is because they have a high drive, just being house pets often builds this frustration. Training must be engaging to the mind of the dog. You may have to spend more time tiring these dogs out. Another piece of advice is this; I don't know if they are both males, but if they are please don't ever leave them alone together (regarless of the fact they are litter mates). When male dogs peak in adolescents they tend to not tolerate each other all the time. If you leave them together (especially because they are the same breed) they may fight and you will not be there to separate them. One of your dogs could become seriously injured or worse. Please just take this point away if no others.
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