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Question The Case of the Skiddish Doberman.

Hey everyone. The younger of my two dobermans, Logan, is reacting negativley to training. Logan has a history of people not wanting him (this is his 3 home). There is nothing wrong with Logans disposition, he is the perfect family dog. But he is an intact adolescent doberman with the energy level to prove it . When it came time for Logan to begin more advanced training (speaking, rolling over, show standing) he will freeze up go tense, and become immeadiatley skiddish. I have taken a critical look at my behavior during these sessions and found no obvious explination. I use high value foods and I am sure to mark the occasion with either a clicker and high pitched praise. However Logan seems stressed; Logans ears are down, he gets excited but it seems restrained. I guess I am questioning wether I am the right person to train this dog. I trained my other dog Capone with great ease and good results. Just looking for some feedback.
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