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Originally Posted by Imolman View Post
Thanks everyone for the advice. It has been 7 months since I first posted with my problem. The dogs have adoppted beautifully to each other and now great friends. The older one was a good influance on the buldog, I think she taught him what is appropriate behaivor better than we ever did. They play very well and our old dog is not depressed anymore. I think the pup breathed some youth back into her. She does get a little jealous when I am petting the younger dog, but I just make sure she get a fe extra huggs and kisses.
I'm having a similar problem that I posted in another thread (Adopting a Second Dog). Did it take the entire 7 months for your dogs to get along? We've just adopted our younger dog (approx 3yrs) and our older dog (approx. 6yrs - but no health issues) wants NOTHING to do with him. I'm trying to follow the above suggestions, esp when training the new dog... Any other advice??
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