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So we've brought Lab #2 (Bronx) into the family!... We're just two days into this adoption and our dominant female (Darly) has just ignored him.

Bronx is a gentle, happy soul and seems a bit of a puppy (approx. 3yrs old). He is ALWAYS overjoyed to see people (any people), wagging his whole body (never jumping up) and he has a very gentle mouth. He has already chewed a little bit of a blanket, and my husband's in-soles (for shoes). His foster family said that he didn't have any chewing issues, so I'm thinking (hoping) that these chewing incidents are just a result of new environment stress.

We feed them in the same room without any problems. They take treats from us, nose-to-nose with each other without issues. They also walk on the leash and ride in the car together very well (no growling, no menacing stares). Bronx has tried to play with Darly once inside, but got snapped at right away. He hasn't tried again (yet) and pretty much steers clear of her. When we pet him, or are trying to train him, she comes over and we giver her attention (she's like, "I know how to sit!"). Beyond that, Darly has NOT been welcoming and seems to want nothing to do with the new dog.

We bought a new dog bed for Bronx. However, Darly has claimed the new bed (and her own crate and bed) as hers, and sleeps in both all the time now. Bronx went up to smell Darly in the new bed and she snapped at him. I think that he's too scared to approach either bed now and is content to sleep on the carpet, or a ratty old spare dog bed out of sight of Darly. Darly is about 5 yrs and comes from a life of being bounced around from shelter to foster and back. She usually ignores all other dogs, or snaps at them when they're play goes too far (usually all the time).

I'm hoping this is just a phase and once they get to know each other, they'll become better friends? If anyone can please share any info or advice on this I would really appreciate it!
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