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low blood calcium

Hi everyone,

I have two dogs ages 11 and 13. Some of you may be familiar with the younger dog who had a misdiagnosed case of anaplasmosis last fall. She is doing very well. This year, for our annual check-up I had a full blood panel done and both dogs had low blood calcium. The also had high sodium and potassium levels. I don't have the exact numbers but my vet said it was a little higher and a little lower than normal. She didn't seem too concerned but asked what I feed.

I basically give them a kibble breakfast (go natural grain free) with some of their canned food mixed in. For dinner they get the honest kitchen which I usually fortify with cooked meats. I'm wondering if that is the problem because The honest kitchen says you can add additional foods but maybe I am adding too much meat and this is creating imbalance? Both dogs seem healthy but I have noticed a decline in energy levels the past year but just wondered if it was age related.

I try to get them to chew on bones but they don't seem to enjoy that. I've tried raw and smoked bones but they don't usually show a lot of interest. They do like the pizzle sticks but that won't increase Calcium.

Should I add crushed egg shells? Or what would be an easy way to increase the Calcium without giving them kidney stones?

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