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Possible breed for Montana? :)

I was looking at a few of the local rescues the other day and came across a 6 month old puppy. He looked a awful lot like Montana (maybe related?), and it was also found as a stray at 3 months old, then spent 3 months in the shelter and was pulled by a rescue so he wouldn't be put down. They said they thought he was a Mountain Cur. I have never even heard of that before, so I googled it and found some pics that look like our little boy! They come in several colors, including brindle with black (and that particular color often has a white patch under the chin, on the chest and white on the paws, which Montana has all of those). It doesn't really matter what he is, but it would be fun to know, and also good for any genetic issues that may arise. Lord knows we have had our fair share with both Thorin and Nookie. Anyway, what do you guys think?
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