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Thanks for the replies....I'm waaaaay late in coming back here!

Special thanks to TokyoParrot - that was a thoughtful, complete and condensed suggestion.

amandaowen, I was aware that beer is both a great attraction/distraction and that it's lethal as well....the finality of the end result was my reason for passing on it...thanks, though.

14+kitties, do you know if there's a manufacturer's website for WormGuard Plus? I'm finding only distributers....there's also grape seed extract in there...I'm unsure on that score. If you have a package, would you look for the manufacturer's name & contact info (and post)?

I guess I was waiting, hoping for some harmless, non-lethal solution...maybe it's not to be. I had tried all kinds of other tricks like 2-sided adhesive tape around the containers' bases, even a moat (bowl inside a larger bowl of water...which the slugs bypassed by launching themselves across!!! Hillarious to see, but frustrating, too).

Meantime, maybe this "bump" to the top may shake loose some other inventful or proven techniques...??? Here's hoping, anyhow!
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