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Another "Guess My Breed"?

This is Minnie... a neighbor got her from a woman on Craigslist and then a few days later ended up in hospital and is now staying with her parents out of town... and so we've "inherited" Minnie. We're told she's about 5, she weighs about 6 pounds, so she fits right in with the other Mini-Mutts.

At first we thought she was Yorkie/Chihuahua mix, but more and more I don't really see any Chihuahua except for the ears and maybe the tail. The super-stocky build, scruffy hair, and BOUNCINESS (oh yes, she BOUNCES) are starting to suggest something a little more like a Jack Russell or rat terrier.

We're planning to order a DNA kit (same one we got Groucho) but meantime... anyone care to hazard any guesses??

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