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Originally Posted by TanjaBelieve View Post
Still havent found a dog. (

I recently got a great job, but I will be travelling a lot and because I will be away from home, family and friends i am planning to adopt a dog to be on a road with me.

I have a hard time finding a dog that will be perfect for me, so thats why im asking so many questions.

What im looking for in a dog is:- being able to move from place to place ( like 2 countries in a month )
- possibly big
- an athletic dog that love to play and be active, friendly to other animals

And another thing that I would like to know - are there any limits on how far can dogs travel? And where do they travel? Are they with you or in a cage? Thats the first thing I should check before I start searching for a companion.

Thank you all and I hope soon I find a new BFF.
It sounds like you could choose almost any breed of mid-sized dog, or small dog: Our 55lbs beagle walkerhound curls into a tiny ball and loves taking day-long car trips with us - we are constantly traveling in our car all over the US and between the US and Canada (you need to be up to date on rabies shots)... Your "perfect dog" will depend some on pedigree and also on how much you put into the dog through training (incl exercise), time and love.

I think it may be a good idea to keep an open mind when looking for "the perfect dog". At the same time, you may want to get a more clear definition of what you want your life to be like: Are you going to enjoy spending hours exercising your dog? Potty-training a puppy? Will you be okay with vacuuming up hair? Constant grooming? Barker vs non-barker? Some reflection on this may help direct you to certain breeds. Some traits and personalities come with the breeds, sometimes they don't.

It's also a good idea to know what you can take and what's too much for you. We adopted our hound from a local shelter. She'd been bounced around from families to shelters her whole life. The last family returned her because she kept escaping out of their yard - that was a deal breaker for them. What's the deal breaker for you?

My husband and I are Canadians living in the south/mid-west US. We see a LOT of stray dogs down here and a LOT of great family dogs in shelters. (SO much more than back in Ontario). It seems like a real problem here, so it upsets me to hear of families giving up perfectly good dogs because they didn't know what they were getting into. A dog isn't supposed to make your life easier (they're a lot of work), they're supposed to enrich it. It sounds like this is what you're looking for so good luck!
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