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you are so right...

..... my husband and I spent almost thirty years together during which time we weighted the pros and cons of a dog (both working all day etc.)...anyway, when I was 66 I decided that yes we would get a dog, but had to be a puppy!
We went to a local pet rescue "farm" and, to be quite honest, I wasn't coming home without a puppy!
We had decided on: small dog, short hair, stright tail, etc. etc.
Well, there were five pups there and going fast - so I scooped up Lucy and said: this is the one we want. Unfortunately, my heart ruled my head - they knew who the mother was and the mother had mated with her son from previous year! I had no idea what the coat would be like - they said she would be 46 lbs (is now 53) and I keps saying, yes, yes, that's OK......

Lucy would love to be outside all day long but although we live on a lake, no fences and there is a City By-law saying has to have leash, even in yard...
so we wait til most neighoburs are gone and let her out in OUR yard.... there is a dog next door she plays with

It's just that I can brush her, bath here, etc., and within five minutes she is back like this ! I honestly don't have the strength nor ambition to do what I did when a pup and put her into the tub and hose her down... and it takes
ages for her two types of fur to dry. No good in our winters in Northern Ontario - cant put her back outside in minus 30 with a wet coat.

Anyway, we love her and I do what I can.... last two summers we had her coat trimmed short and it helped a lot; now the new groomer says its not a good idea (due to sun etc. etc., as we have read).

So I just had wondered what the folks here thought. As I say, I think I will go for longer on her back and shorter on the rear end for the summer.

Yes that is such a funny photo - I'd like to put it in a contest, but havent seen one looking for "muddy bums" ..... LOL
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