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LOL, what a shot.

My neighbour breeds Golden Retrievers. I took the terribly matted one I found to her to be scanned for a chip. The GR breeder was lamenting the state of the dog's coat, it really was terrible and it smelled awful. Why get a breed like a GR if you are not going to look after the coat?

The other neighbour, who shaves his GR till one day I thought it was a Lab, says his GR is a rescue dog. If a shaved coat is what it takes to have someone take a rescue dog then I find it hard to argue. Though maybe he could have chosen a different rescue dog.

Several other neighbours with GR, yeah there are lots of them here, won't let the dogs run in 1,000s of acres we have here for off leash, won't let them swim, won't let them run near mud. Because they don't want to have to clean and groom afterwards. We are lucky to live in a place where dogs can enjoy a pretty good doggy life but these owners deny it to their dogs. If they didn't want to groom why did they get GR? Why not a relatively easy care coat like my Lab? Maybe if these people shaved or at least trimmed the glorious coats on these dogs the dogs would be allowed some doggy freedoms? Then they wouldn't look like nice GR but what's more important? Hard to judge.
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