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Our resident dog is older - about 6 yrs old. We just had a first meeting with two male lab potentials - both were around 2 or 3 yrs.

Lab #1 was HUGE - the biggest lab I've ever seen. He was beautiful and seemed happy and loving, but was rambunctious, loud and could barely walk on a leash. Suffice to say our girl had NO time for him (especially when he tried to mount her).

Lab #2 was much smaller - a few inches smaller that our dog and a good foot smaller than Lab #1. He was more humble-looking, more chunky, and much more quiet and calm. He shared some 'smells' with and around our dog without incident. They both seemed nonchalant about having their bodies touch when they were petted and given treats.

As it stands, we're looking to bring Lab #2 home. Any tips on integrating him peacefully? They seemed fine together during the first meeting, but that was off our dog's territory. I'm worried as to how they'll act when we introduce Lab#2 to our home. We're planning on taking them both on a very long hike before bringing the new dog home. Training will start immediately and they will initially be fed separately. Any other tips?
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