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Originally Posted by s-robertson View Post
Good afternoon.....Our cat has just had crystals in his urinary tract...
Do you know what type of crystals they were? Struvite? Calcium oxalate? Any other results from the urinalysis, such as urine ph and specific gravity is also useful.

Originally Posted by s-robertson View Post
we had medication and he is doing well
What was the medication? Is he still taking it?

Originally Posted by s-robertson View Post
however the food the vet has given us has caused him to gain almost 2 pounds in 3 months....
No doubt! Which of the prescription diets is he eating? Wet or dry? Unfortunately the ingredients in these foods are really quite horrid and are for the most part a completely inappropriate way to treat urinary tract issues (which are largely the result of feeding inappropriate ingredients in the first place). In the majority of FLUTD situations, simply switching from a grain-heavy dry food to a higher quality meat-based wet food is all that's needed. There is the rare cat that also requires the addition of an acidifying amino acid (such as L-methionine) to keep urine ph levels within normal range.

Originally Posted by s-robertson View Post
does anyone here home cook for their male cat, if so what do you feed and have you had any urinary issues.
No point in cooking food for cats - raw would be a way better option (and easier!!). Some info for you on that at these links:

And some mandatory reading regarding urinary tract health in cats and how it relates to diet:
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