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Kirkalnd pulled from shelves

So I went in to Costco to get some Kirkland Lamb and Rice (rotate w Chicken and rice).

None on the Kirkland food at all on the shelf, not even the grain free.

So I ask at customer service...they pulled it from all stores due to yet another contamination issue at Diamond Pet Foods.

Kudos to Costco for pulling the product, but maybe they should look to another supplier? It was the Diamond Naturals line that got contaminated but it does share ingredients with Kirkland. I wonder why other Diamond foods are not pulled from store shelves?? Hmm.

I'm done with anything made by Diamond. Too bad, my dog liked Kirkland and it was a good food for a great price.

Suggestions for a decent mid grade food not made by Diamond are welcome. My dog simply can't handle the high end stuff like Before Grain and Orijen. She's done well on TLC (we are in Canada) and Merrick but Merrick is hard to get in my 'hood.
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