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To cut, shave or leave?

Hi, I did find something through a search about whether or not to shave your dog because of shedding... but I am wondering for a different reason.
My mixed breed dog has shiny medium length hair on her back, face etc. but at the back of her front legs and the back of her back legs, the fur hangs almost to the ground. We live near a lake and it takes AGES for her fur (two layers in some areas) to dry.
Last few days she had the runs and it was quite a job to clean it off the long hair.
So, last year we had her cut with electric razor at pet spa, not right to the skin, but short. Now I am reading that we should not do this.... so I do not know what to do.
I am thinking of just trying the scissors on her rear end and see how that goes...
Why is there such a vast difference, for and against, cutting dogs' hair?
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