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Our female 1-year old husky is currently hospitalized for suspected type I GI anaphylaxis. We spent $750 on Sunday for emergency vet care and I suspect that this hospitalization will cost $3000+. It cost $328.19 to have her spayed (it cost $301.69 to have our mixed breed neutered). They had their routine vaccinations earlier this month and that cost about $100 each. We take them for nail trimmings and that cost $15 each. We spend probably $200/mth on food for them, but I should note that we give them something like chicken breast every day in addition to their dry dog food. We spend probably $50/mth on treats, toys, etc. We buy "disposable" couches, because with all their running and jumping they never seem to last long. And we've had to replace some wooden things about the house because they chewed on everything when they were puppies. You'll also need to buy a good brush because a husky sheds enough to knit sweaters. So, if you use something like a Swiffer to clean your floors, be prepared to spend a lot more on cloths (which are a bit pricey, in my opinion).

I guess my biggest piece of advice (aside from all the usual things like having the time to devote to them, etc) is to make sure you're in a position to provide excellent health care for your dog. I've heard of people with sick animals who don't go to a vet because they say they can't afford it. That's unfair to the animal. If you adopt a husky, you have to be financially prepared to face whatever comes up.

And having said all that, I'd add that the love they give in return is worth every penny. Good luck in your decision. It's not one to be made lightly.

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