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Originally Posted by marko View Post
Yup me too - I just want some places to "start something".
Calgary is an excellent example.
Also there are municipalities that have indicated to an animal shelter that if an animal is found stray, and then reclaimed, the owner is to present a certicate of stelization in order to retrieve their pet. If the animal is not spayed/neutered, then they are given the mandate to sterlize and only then can the owner have their pet back. The cost is minimal. Some people have complied and paid the fee, while others declined to take their pet back. Good news is that these strays (providing they pass evaluations) are put up for adoption STERLIZED and if there is a problem with the animals, then they are put up for rescues (that is where I and the coordinator come in).

So just in your backyard Marko, efforts are being made.
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