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Originally Posted by onster View Post
I have a great vet, who ive been told by people who didnt know I took my cats there is the best vet in kitchener-waterloo. Ironically, the person who told me that said her best friend got fired as a vet tech (she said wrongfully so, accused of stealing), yet she still takes her pets there (even tho she lives in the far end of kitchener and the vets office is in waterloo)!! When asked why she said because in the end she is the best vet in the area

Exams are $60 but like L4H i think its well earned. Follow up calls the next day etc.

She feeds her animals raw diet though she uses powder to mix with it and has that available in her office. Never once told me wellness/orijen (when i fed it) was a bad food.

What I like is that she also studies natural medicine/ chiropractics/ homeopathy and is always bringing new things in to her practice For my cats its also a thumbs up because she worked at a cats only clinic in the GTA for several years before opening her clinic.

Oh and she fussed over my kitties when I bring them...i mean i know its silly but its nice when the vet is flirting with your babies hehehe I think she is great with animals. At one time she brought in another vet to the practice but he didnt last long...Im glad too because his 'bedside manor' wasnt very nice, all business (i also got the sense he was probably more of a dog person, wasnt very interested in my bunduk at the time).
Can you please PM the vet you go to in Kitchener. According to the vet I go to now my cat may have a food allergy they're not really certain. I want to put her on a raw food diet, but, the vet where I go to now tried pushing a commercial brand pet food with the first three ingredients being grain based. I'd like to go to someone that sees cats as the carnivore's they are, not the cows they'd like them to be.
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