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Originally Posted by marko View Post
okay then 14+ - I guess I get more excited than you do when I feel the real beginnings of a shift in perception. This is the 3rd story on this topic that I have heard in just 2 weeks.

For me this story is a positive thing. For me the meaningful "perception" is not the headline....which is only designed to get people to read the rest of the article. I let these things go because I see them for what they are...a simple hook to get you to read on.
Ahh you see, that's just it. I know a whole lot of cat haters that will take one look at that headline, not bother to read the rest of it, and tout it as the new "truth". That's my perception. Seeing as I live with this "truth" every day, hear it at work constantly, have to bite my tongue so I don't get fired when a customer starts talking about drowning the little "rats" when they are born, etc, etc, etc, I think I'm entitled to my opinion. I don't see this as a positive move in the right direction at all. Just one more article that birders can use to have the cats that are "attacking their birds" killed.

I suppose one more time we will just have to agree to disagree. And that will be all I have to say on the matter as well.
Assumptions do nothing but make an ass out of u and me.

We can stick our heads in the sand for only so long before it starts choking us. Face it folks. The pet population is bad ALL OVER THE WORLD!
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