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Originally Posted by dinokitty13 View Post
I took her to the vet when I got her and mentioned it, and they said to not feed her so much wet food.
Ugh. The vet has it backwards - she should be eating more wet food and less (or no) kibble. Here is an article for you to read on feline nutrition and why dry food is actually BAD for cats:

Not a lot of vets have the first clue about what cats should and shouldn't be eating, so it's not that surprising that your vet gave such poor advice.

What are the brands/flavours of foods your cat is eating? Excessive grain content can be a frequent cause of stinky poop.

Originally Posted by dinokitty13 View Post
She's started peeing in the bathtub, even though she has used her little box just fine up until this point.
How many litter boxes do you have and how often do you scoop them? One of the most common causes of peeing outside the box (besides urinary tract issues) is a dirty litter box.
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