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No such thing as a 26 inch high kennel

I am driving myself insane looking for an answer to a question on Westjet policy. It seems that Westjet has a strict 36x24x26 kennel size restriction. Yet there seems to be no one that sells anything close to this other than 27 inch high kennels. Anything smaller is too small. These kennels are designed for larger dogs, 50 pounds or so. By this logic, no one could fly a dog this size or larger as it would require a kennel beyond 26 inches in height. Yet clearly, people have flown larger dogs. I have seen postings on this forum of 80 pound dogs being flown. And I am careful to note that this is for the baggage area, NOT cargo.

So does Westjet allow variation beyond the 26 inch height? If not, where in the world does anyone find a 26 inch kennel?
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