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Great Post Rguerts...I must say.
True enough...most of the rescue people that were here were silenced due to their passion and experience in this whole breeding crapola.
As one of the remaining few, I say leave the breeding to those that have put alot of time, money and knowledge to produce sound lines. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING outside of that scope are considered nothing short of a back yard producer. Or hey..why not everyone step back for a bit and not breed at all so that we can clean up our masterful dumping mess in the pounds and shelters.

Just a side note - anyone who knows me on FB - go take a look at what I am currently fostering. That's right...a great dane special from a BYB no doubt.

Bottom line is that you will NEVER know where your puppies will end up. Good intention or otherwise I can almost bank on some finding their way into pounds at some point of their lives. The luck ones will be in rescues, some will be euthanized. But Hey - you love animals.