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Originally Posted by don-key View Post
I have contacted my vet and he has told me that nothing is wrong. I appreciate the replies I received. I really don't care that most of you support spaying and neutering. How did you obtain your pet? Not from a spayed animal I assume.

Obviously not from a spayed/neutered animal, otherwise it wouldn't have been in the shelter in the first place
Which is the point that the people here are trying to make. My oldest came from an irresponsble couple who purchased him from a backyard breeder. He has cost us several thousand in medical bills because the breeder did not complete any health testing to rule out specific genetic issues, which ruins the breed, which also makes anyone breeding just for the sake of breeding, irresponsible. An ethical breeder will spend a lot of money on health and genetic testing and breed to better the line. If you have not done that, how do you know the mom is not passing things on to the pups, that will pass on to their pups etc? Entire lines are ruined this way, and then people end up with a pup they either can't afford to care for, go in to debt caring for, or put to sleep. My second is a baby who was deemed "unadoptable" at 3 months old because he and his sister were found as strays and most likely abused. His sister was put down due to severe fear aggression... at 3 months old

I wanted my lab to have 1 litter of pups before she gets spayed. This was a planned event.

Which is worse than an accident, in my opinion. Hundreds of anmials are put down DAILY because someone was irresponsible, or they wanted their to pet to experience birth, or they want their children to experience the "miracle of birth" (to which I add they should then have to attend the death of a homeless animal, possibly one from that "miracle of birth" litter as well). Why would you want to subject a full litter of puppies to possibly that same fate? Unless you are planning to keep them all?

I am not an irresponsible pet owner, just a concerned one that wanted to ask a question. I live on a grain farm and raise livestock for a living. It's not like I have not had any experience in the birth of any animals. I have run a farrow to finish hog operation for 20 years. I came to this forum to ask a question and not to be lectured on spaying or neutering my pet. I can appreciate your views on spaying and neutering. Anyone who owns a pet should consider this, as ther are way to many pets neglected and abandoned.

If this is how you feel, why would you willingly bring more in to the world?

I do not support anyone who neglects their pet. I am an animal lover as well. I consider my dog to be a member of our family. So save your lectures for the people who neglect and abandon their pets.
The people who neglect and abandon are not the only irresponsible pet owners. People who are willing bring more in to the world, fully aware of the over-populatin problems, are irresponsible as well, in my opinion. I wish you and your lab the best. And I also hope that her pups do not end up in a shelter, abused, abandonded, or worse, set on fire and left to die (which just happened in Dallas a few days ago. A group of teenagers thought it would be amusing ) etc. But there is a good probability that at least one will. And even one is too many.
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