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I have contacted my vet and he has told me that nothing is wrong. I appreciate the replies I received. I really don't care that most of you support spaying and neutering. How did you obtain your pet? Not from a spayed animal I assume. I wanted my lab to have 1 litter of pups before she gets spayed. This was a planned event. I am not an irresponsible pet owner, just a concerned one that wanted to ask a question. I live on a grain farm and raise livestock for a living. It's not like I have not had any experience in the birth of any animals. I have run a farrow to finish hog operation for 20 years. I came to this forum to ask a question and not to be lectured on spaying or neutering my pet. I can appreciate your views on spaying and neutering. Anyone who owns a pet should consider this, as ther are way to many pets neglected and abandoned. I do not support anyone who neglects their pet. I am an animal lover as well. I consider my dog to be a member of our family. So save your lectures for the people who neglect and abandon their pets.