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You may benefit from having a dog walker. Not only will the extra excercise give you a bit of a break, but an experienced friend in the pet industry can be invaluable for advice! Plus the dominance issue can be aided by having a clear pack leader during the walks (you could shadow some walks to learn how to "properly" walk a dog to keep your dog focused and "working" and also get advice on dealing with the agression and socialization issues resulting from the dominance).

A dog walker would also be able to help you teach your dog either to run with a bike OR on a treadmill which are great ways to get some of their extra energy out.

You would be surprised at the very subtle things that dogs to to test whether or not they are the dominant "dog" that most people dont even pick up on!

I agree that offleash time outside of a fenced yard for an aggressive or disobediant dog is dangerous for not only your dog but other dogs as well as people and children in the area.

It would greatly benefit your dog to have clear boundaries and rules aswell to keep her from being confused, anxious or whiney, and to let her relax and enjoy herself.

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