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killing creatures

I feel much the same. I stand tall but am a wimp at heart when it comes to all life, save that of flies. I couldn't do in rabbits as they were my pets as a child.

Chickens, no prob. I lived in Borneo and raised my own Rhode Islands and locals. I had a native friend do in the first one and then the morbid chap took the head of the throat slit hen and offered it to the top cock who displayed his neck feathers and crossed his eyes. The the head was thrown amongst the hens who had gathered to watch their sister's horrid ordeal and began fighting over it.

I was so appalled that whenever the need for a kitchen chicken arose I took to plucking neck feathers and slitting throats with glee; so add chickens as contenders to my wilfulness for flies.

Now pigs, the locals kindly warned me when a slaughter was at hand. I'd head for the hills. That is not a pleasant show in any fashion, I must say. The experience rendered me a whimpering idiot, not something any parent would want their children to ever witness again.

In Singapore and any town or city in Malaysia, homes of rich or poor, most have their backyard chicken coop for egg and slaughter. Backyards are often small. I don't remember there being a serious problem with smell or bugs. There's good fertiliser in bird droppings and feathers. Quite frankly, there's about as much reason behind banning chickens in town and city as there is for banning children.
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