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Horizon It Was

Myka, I had just checked out the Horizon and that was what my dog was on and what my cousin put her dogs on. One had allergies and could handle Salmon but sounds like your pooch can't. I am always suspicious of food with -meal attached. That, I believe means garbage food.

I understand that allergies can the a while to disappear. As an O blood I cannot handle the lectins in wheat. I have a bad hip and it took eight or more months to completely become pain free though major relief happened in about a month. Pain is layered and every time you think the pain is gone, the next day more pain is gone. Probably same with dogs.

However, sticking to one food at a time with careful observation may help you figure out what other food bother your dog.

Love4himies is correct about the bones, and grains. I don't use weight bearing bones for my elderly dog but your dogs sound large so they should be able to handle them. There is a lot of nutrition in bones.
I believe the ratio is one of bone/meat/organ for active dogs. Still not sure of the fat ratio but I am experimenting with my Sadie with added pork fat to see if her shoulder pain lessons and her energy rises. (see my thread on Fat) Finding a source of cheap bones: I get bones cheap form Chinese grocers and a Chinese Butcher and he gives me great deals on chicken carcass. If you can find such (I'm in Calgary so easily done) and you have a freezer . . .

Would never use grains - I do give Sadie some green vegetables but more for bulk & variety. A pure meat diet, i.e., no bones and organs, is probably not a good idea.

Sorry for scattered thoughts but it has been a long day.
(This is just thinking outside the box. Depending on home situation - raising one's own food? Rabbits? Rats? Hamsters for smaller dogs. I did a piece on mice delight for cats on this forum. I actually have toyed with idea re hamsters which mature are adults in 4-6 weeks. I'd not let a dog do the kill, though. I suspect the fresh and hormone free flesh couldn't be beat.)
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