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Cost of BARF

Love4himies, you are so right regarding the poo affect of BARF. My Sadie drops small poos which quickly turn grey and disintegrate.

Myka, I can see the costs being high when buying human grade foods from the usual commercial markets. The trick is to find the best sources it seems. There may be amiable restaurants that would give up discarded safe raw food that they can't serve to human customers. I have heard of a large restaurant that threw out sealed packaged meat that an acquaintance kept and brought home to eat. He didn't die.

The challenge is to ask around at restaurants, grocery stores and to friends. Something may come up.

My cousin had troubles similar to yours with her Japanese dogs- huge beasts. I suggested a commercial food made in Saskatchewan. It worked for her dog allergies. I am off for the day for an Easter meal, but when I get back I will see if I can find the name. It was the last commercial food I fed my Sadie and I felt it was the healthier, high in protein and low in carbs.

I will also check with a chef friend for how one might go about this with restaurants. He's away right now but should be round something the coming week.
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