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I found food for thought in your posts, Love4himies , which show just how open this topic is for discussion. The complications and effects of food groups upon each other add to the confusion. I shall see if I can follow the links you provided.

And Love4himies, wild meat is indeed less fatty. However, many wild carnivores seem to cherish the fatty organs and work hard to worry out the fat pockets behind the eyeballs, work hard to break the skull for the fatty brain and wilfully work over bones to get to the fatty marrows. If it is meat that was prized and needed for health, wouldn’t the animals just chow down on the more easily available lean muscle instead of working over the bones? It sure makes me wonder.

Myka, my previous dog died of cancer (age 14 yr., 5 mo.) and though I was trying to do my best following my vet’s recommendations, I now feel the low calorie, high carbohydrate commercial dog food deserves the blame.

My Corgi, Sadie, is now elderly, (11 yr., 3 mo.) and though she has been on the BARF diet for more than a year, I am worried about her health. I had been trimming the fat from her food, removing fat and skin from the chicken carcasses and now I have decided to reverse this, let her enjoy the fat of the birds and add extra fat to her diet to see what happens.

A month on a full fat BARF diet should evidence an improvement in her stamina in walks and demeanour. She constantly whimpers and I don’t know if this is from some pain I can’t explain or is just from hunger. If there is no change in a month, two at most, I will have to re-evaluate my strategies.

And pbpatti, I don’t know if we can come to any grand conclusions but maybe we can get discussion enough to either find some science behind this topic, or at least come to a better understanding of why this failed hypothesis refuses to be challenged by any established authority. Maybe some information from experience such as my experiment with Sadie’s diet will be of help to others. Maybe some will read Stefansson’s report and come to see beyond the bias of today or find the faults in his experiences that I missed.

But I’ve always liked to challenge my own biases. I’ve never felt I had all the answers in any topic or that what I do believe is ever ironclad; I like to joke that:

So I wonder!
Count those why’s.
When all’s answered,
‘Tis, time to die.

But “all” gives me wiggle room.
Know History, Not Just Your Folklore.

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