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An update. The first time I let Jarrah out here at night, I did so without checkling if the cats were about. That was simply because we never see them out the side where I took her. She pounced on something under the mulberry tree, Sibi, who got chased over the fence! Well, she spotted Sibi this morning, outside the gate, and started stalking towards him in slow motion. I told her a few things quietly, like 'Don't touch Sibi, Sibi is our cat" etc. then without raising my voice told her to "Come!" Instant recall, what a doll. Being a cattle dog she still tried to chew her way into a bag of dog food last night though. She ain't perfect. The halo slips occassionally.

Here she is with her latest toy. This ball has a nice loud high pitched squeaker and after buying it I thought maybe I wouldn't like the constant noise, thinking I'd call in and give it to Archie instead(and drive my friend crazy), but then I recalled that Archie deflated his soccer ball with one bite so this one wouldn't survive long. Anyway, Jarrah's good with it, she isn't the power biter that Perkins was, instead just carries it without chomping on it.

I have to babysit Archie again, next weekend, so that'll be nice, although I find myself getting VERY attached to him.
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