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Thanks for the link L4H!

The following except highlights some of my concerns when trying to define appropriate diets. I definitely don't have a tendency to overfeed though, I have a tendency to underfeed if anything.

Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
While such high energy diets are probably beneficial for working dogs, there is some concern regarding dogs that are just house pets. There is a natural tendency of pet owners to overfeed their dogs. This problem is accentuated when the pet owners feed their dog the new high energy feeds, particularly when such feeds are augmented with table scraps. Furthermore, the lack of proper exercise for the dog coupled with boredom also increases the potential for obesity to occur, particularly in older dogs. The lipid supplement to the high energy dog foods is often in the form of saturated fats such as lard and tallow. The intake of high levels of such hard fats in human diets is associated with hyperlipidemia. It is not known whether the feeding of saturated fats to dogs also results in hyperlipidemia. Nevertheless, it would appear that there exists a greater potential for both hyperlipidemia and obesity in dogs fed the new high energy feeds. Considering that these same conditions are also major factors affecting the predisposition of the dog to pancreatitis indicates that there is some justifiable concern by both pet owners and veterinarians in the feeding of these new high energy foods to dogs.
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