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Homemade Hypoallergenic Recipe

Ok, enough is enough. Roxy's food allergies/sensitivities aren't getting any better, time to try a homemade diet. I'm not excited about this because it is quite a bit more expensive than even the best kibble. Anyway, here's my idea...

1 part turkey (hey it's on sale $0.99/lb this time of year!)
1 part frozen peas & carrots or maybe lentils (which one would be better?)
1 part rice or potatoes (which would be better? If rice, is brown better, or does it matter?)

Platinum Performance (she's already on this supplement and tolerates it well)

I would like to eventually add more variety, but for now I want to keep it very simple so allergens are easy to recognize. I'm going to remove the turkey drumstick bones, and get the rest of it ground bone-in. Roxy should be ok with carrots because she was eating Iams plus some of a homemade diet before that included carrots. Roxy also has anal gland issues, so she needs some bulk to her diet, so I definitely want to use rice and/or potatoes.

Any comments would be appreciated.
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