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Strange behavior in 9 year old Lab

For the past few months my 9 year old black Lab has been acting very strange. He wants to sleep in the garage with the oil furnace and oil tank amidst tools, wood shavings, and recyclables. It is a very small space and concrete. I finally gave in and put his bed in there, which made him content. When the wearher started getting colder, I moved him back in the house, and after a few weeks of him whining to go back, he started sleeping in the bath tub. He has a run outside and does not want to come in the house unless it is time to eat. I feel like he knows something about the house that we don't. His vet has given him a clean bill of health. Anyone have any ideas for me. His behavior is very anti- social. Very different that his usual puppy like, active self.
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