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April 2012 - photo challenge - Funny/goofy faces

Hi members - any ideas for april's photo challenge?

Here's an idea - Flower power

Feel free to support this idea or freely suggest another idea.

The idea with the most support by tomorrow become this month's challenge.

april foolishness? pets being silly/goofy!

Funny faces?

I like the "flower power" idea for spring, but it's kind of hard to run out and take a quick shot of someone frolicking in the tulips for those of us still at the tail end of winter. (OK, we have a month, but....)

How about pushing "flower power" back to May instead, so we can take some new shots once the flowers come out?

I like the others' ideas too.

My idea is "angels & devils"-- pets looking EITHER totally angelic OR caught in the act (dog sitting amidst ripped-apart kitchen trash can, cat sleeping right in the middle of a pile of freshly-washed laundry, toilet paper pulled all the way off the roll/food suddenly missing from dining room table and cat/dog giving that, "who, ME?" look).

I think for some of the "devils" pictures it's hard to catch them in the act so you maybe need a photo of the offending act and then a separate photo of the culprit. Or description of the offending act and picture of the guilty party.

Or then again, this might all be too complex.

We need another few people to post to break a 4 way tie on the suggestions.


Definately push the flower power to May, there are no flowers yet, and our frost will probably delay them now. I like goofy faces, could use some funny pics after our grey winter.......

seems like funny - goofy face has the most support so that will be the theme this month.

Merging suggestion posts now. Thx!
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