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She hasn't had any lately- but the hair still isn't growing back where she had them.
The vet said her scabbing looked better and he hoped her hair would grow back soon.. (I was like "HOPE?! It better grow back!")
I also bought a big bottle of fish oil and give her a tablespoon in her food when she eats (twice a day). The skin showing around her face seems smoother and in better condition. Hopefully this will minimize scarring and help the hair grow back.
She's being weaned off steroids now and after she runs our of her doses of both medications we are supposed to wait a few days (to make sure it doesn't flare back up again) and then call and schedule the appointment for her vaccinations.
I don't think I've seen one picture online of a dog with puppy strangles that has scarring as bad as she does though.. so I'm pretty worried about hair growth.
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