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well im not going to argue lol im on call all weekend..

but like I said Doglover11/9..i would not worry, expecially since you have a city dog license and they have your dog on file, as an American Bulldog. Here are some dogs currently that are up for adoption, that resemble a "pit bull". Shelters will put a down a breed name, when they know that it is not a pit bull, but under the law the dog might resemble a pit in apprance. I guess what im saying that once again reading the BSL in the general publics view, is different when u work in the field. The law states that the below dogs should be pts, due to them looking like a pit, however that is not the case. All of these breeds could be classified as a pit bull mix...but shelter staff know that they are not..putting a breed like they have...they are regestered as that, when they leave the shelter...know what i mean?

The pic is a Fila Brasileiro/Mix at the Toronto Humane Society..
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