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As an Animal Services Officer, u shouldn't have an issue. U said that you have him registered with ur vet and the city as an american bulldog. Considering its the city of Whitby that (does Ajax for AC), and they have their own city run shelter, it would be the cities animal services officers who would pick him up, if he ever got loose. Since u have him reg them, due to his dog license, they would run his tag and his breed would come up. Plus you have records from ur vet.

Reading the BSL is one thing to the general public, while working in the field and dealing with cases like these is a different story. In the field yes, certain protocols are followed, like spay/nuetured, has to be leashed, muzzled, or if it is determined that yes it is a pit bull breed, and not grandfathered, it is either humanely pts, or shipped out of the country. ASO's and shelter staff do not say oh well it looks like a pit bull...soo..Alot of breeds that remeble the pit bull breed, but might look like a pit are and can be adopted out. When i worked in Ontario, we had adopted out breeds that "looked" like pits, but were not infact pit bull breed...for instance amercian bulldogs, staffys.

The the above post, it takes a one parnoid person to make a call.. So let them have ur dog registered with the city...they would come out take a look at ur dog, or if your dog is loose, pick him up..once u say he has a city license, they will run it that will be that.

LOVE4Himies..your comment "Here in Ontario, it doesn't HAVE to be a pitbull, it just has to resemble one to be seized by animal control" inaquate. sorry. In order to seize a dog, you better be damn sure is a PIT BULL and not a breed that looks like a pit. And yes, I have seized PIT BULL, due the owner not obeying the proticols. The dog was grandfathered, but not wearing a muzzle out in public when walked. You can't just seize a dog due to it looks like a pit bull...lawsuit on your hands, if the owner has it regestered as another breed.

Yes the BSL states dogs that "look" like pitties, but people who work in the field just don't put an animal down, etc because it "looks" like a pit..there is more too it.

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