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I think Salvias are good value, both this beauty in the foreground, and that bright red one in the background seem to always have flowers.

Getting up close to a Just Joey bloom. This rose never has a poor bloom. A must have I think if you like roses.

This is the orange Agastache I bought, with the pink and salmon one behind it.

I was unable to make it to a local monthly market yesterday so phoned a friend at about the time I knew she'd be studying the roses for sale there. She got 3 for me , Admiral Rodney(exhibition form HT, light pink to darker mauve shadings, beautiful perfume, about 40 petals), Folklore( HT, vermillion salmon with a yellow reverse, very showy, fragrant), and Granada(HT, blend of pink, reds and yellow, good form and spicey fragrance).
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