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generalized demodex

Hello all,

I have a new sweet female pitbul puppy named Marley who will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, and I believe she has demodectic mange. We took her home a little more than a week ago and she had a couple of small circular hairless spots (no redness or dry skin, just bald) on her head, chest, and legs. Over the last week I've watched her develop a few more circular hairless spots and her skin has also become flaky on the back of her neck, upper chest and lower back. These flaky patches are not currently associated with hairloss, it just looks like her skin is peeling and resembles a bad case of dandruff.

A week from this past friday we brought her to the vet to have her checked out. She's very healthy except for this skin condition. Does it sound like demodex to you guys? The vet put her on clindamycin and she's been taking 1/4 ml for the past week. I was wondering if it was safe to start her on ivermectin. She's 8 weeks and weighed 3lbs a week ago at the vet.

Essentially my questions are:
1. does this sound like demodex?
2. is it safe to give ivermectin to her at this age?
3. is it safe to give the ivermectin while she finishes the clindamycin?
4. what should the dosing schedule for her be?

Thanks for any and all help, its much appreciated!
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