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Oh my goodness, how did it get to be the 31st already?!?

OK, here is my "Marty Feldman eyes" dog. The first picture is from a full two months after I adopted her last fall. Even after two months of proper nutrition, you can see her hip bones sticking out, and she has skin issues, including no hair on one ear or around her nose/mouth/eyes.

The second picture is from last week (taken 3 months after picture #1)-- she is finally starting to look like a Japanese Chin. Looks obese but it's the "fwuffy-wuffy" Chin coat. She's only 2.5 kg.

She's blind so she has a kind of funky, "glazed over" look but most of my dogs are blind or have only one working eye so she fits in well over here and can hold her own.
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