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update on Lucy

I guess it has been a little over a year since I posted about Lucy. A lots happened and changed over the year. I hired a trainer and he showed me some of his techniques. His method was to be very hands on and using physical touches to become the alpha as it appeared that she saw herself as the leader of our pack. While some of his techniques had some succes; it made me uncomfortable to treat Lucy that way. She would obey - but it was more from fear than respect. I guess one thing i learned from this is that Lucy requires firm action in order to have her comply.

I was taking her to the dog park but she became aggressive toward the other dogs - so I would only bring her into the park if no one was there. We also have a nice walking trail behind our house where people often bring their dogs as they could take them off leash. One day when were on the trail, a man and his black lab were coming towards us. I put Lucy on her leash and the other dog came up to her, they sniffed each other and then the man and his continued on in the opposite direction. I took Lucy off her leash and thre her ball in the opposite direction. She retrieved the ball and as she was coming back to me, she ran past me and went for the other dog. A scuffle began and once i got to her, the man and dog were running down the path, around the corner and out of site. As I turned the corner I found blood all over the path. I didnt know if it was from the other dog but I assumed it was. Unfortunately, i didn't know who they were or where they lived.
About 2 weeks later I came home from work and found a letter in the mailbox. The letter asked if my dog had got into an atrcation with another a few weeks ago. Their dog had a piece of his ear torn and went to vet for emergency attention _ $800.00 I felt ill.
So I called the number and told them that it was in fact my dog. I offered to pay half the bill - they lived right behind us.
Anyway, it was not good. We have been taking her to a kennel and we have not had anything happen, which makes me think that maybe she was "protecting me". I have purchased a muzzle to reduce risk when another dog is near.
Since all this, Lucy has accepted me as the leader. she would curl her lip if anyone came near her while she had a bone. We spent time doing scenarios that corrected the behavior.
She has overcome her issue with food. Her and the cats eat in the same room. When I set her bowl down and a cat walks up to it, she just goes to the dish and starts to eat and the cats move. She will not bother the cats when they are eating and she even doesn't try to eat their leftover food.
She obeys all of my commands now. She has become a very well behaved dog.
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