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I also have questions about "introductions".

We have a dominant female beagle/walker hound mix (~50lbs) and are wanting to adopt a male dog (lab or other similar size mix).

Our hound doesn't really care for most other dogs. Lots of our friends have dogs of all sizes and genders (collie, Boston terriers, labs, etc). At best she just tolerates the other dogs and at worst has given warning snaps to some of the female labs.

HOWEVER, for some unknown reason, sometimes, she'll meet a dog she LOVES. There is some male mix (retriever/shepard?) about her size down the street from us that she absolutely adores! She turns into a puppy around him and could play for hours. I have NO idea how she chooses...

Are there any good ways to introduce her to the dog we want to adopt? (Unfortunately for us, the dog down the street already has a loving family, hehe). If we set up a meeting and it appears that she doesn't love the new dog, can we expect that over time they'll become friends?

Any advice appreciated!
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