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My other dog Willow is going to be 2 at the end of May. We had her living with us for a few weeks after we moved and saw Ruto the night we brought her home. The next day when we found out what the puppy had we asked my parents to take care of her for a while.

hahaha yeah we've completely noticed all the danger that the cone can inflict. In fact, I think little Ru has found out how to swing it to crack us in the head when we try to take her somewhere she doesn't want to go.
She's turning into quite the little diva.

There isn't swelling in her face anymore but there's still a lot of scabbing and peeling. Her ears aren't discharging as much and her eyes are only discharging after she wakes up. We've noticed tiny hairs growing back on her muzzle. She is getting itchier than she was-which I take as a sign of healing- but then gets very irritable if she can't scratch. She cries and howls a little and then wants to bite on our fingers and have a little tantrum against the humans. I can't blame her though. If I was that itchy I'd go a little crazy too.

I'd say she has At LEAST another 2 weeks before we take away the cone.
Her face is pretty bad, I think it would have healed by now if she hadn't scratched the first round of scabbing off.
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