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Originally Posted by BluKat View Post
I wanna have a dog and a cat that would be a great team together, would love to play together and that I wont have to be scared to find one of them injured when I will leave them alone.

For a dog I want a big one, something like Leonberger, I want him to be big, cuddly, protective, but very sporty, so I can go running with him an hiking. I recently saw a photo of a dog that was huge, he looked like a bear, I think that was the word how they described him too, a dog bear.

For a cat, Im very into Savannah cat, because that breed is bigger and muscular, long legs and kinda gepard coat, so I can go out with it. But I heard Savannah cats are more on a wild side and dont like to cuddle a lot. So if there is a breed thats big, muscular, but cuddly and sweet - perfect.

And a question - there is many shelters with wolf hybrids. What do you think about them? I obviously am against mixing a wolf and a dog, but if I can save one hybrids life that needs a home I think its okay. What do you think? Hybrid was always my first choice, but I dont know if its okay to adopt them. I read in a post about hybrids here and I like them a lot.

As for the place to live - big, green and a lot of space. What about travelling with dogs? Can such big dogs travel to another country? Are hotels a good choice? How do they treat them?

I have so many questions before I decide for a dog and a cat that would be great together, I hope you will help me. Tnx
What about both Leonberger and a Hybrid together?
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